Gratis verzending vanaf € 250,- Excl. BTW in de BENELUX
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De krachtige luchthoorn met 22 liedjes voor je vrachtwagen, auto, traktor, .... waar iedereen over praat!
Groundbreaking design will be soon combined with revolutionary features. Siberia Outlaw is the new family member of the Strands Siberia family!
Build-in wireless QI charger with automatic open/close function.
Available with the most common truck logo's
Nerta Carnet Jumbo shampoo
5L or 25L !
1 x 500g Amglos Polijstpasta, 1 x 250g Amglos Super Finish, 1 x Microvezeldoekje
SCANIA led letters, SUPER led logo's, GRIFFIN led logo's