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Polish and Super Finish !!

Amglos is a multi-component polishing paste designed for one step polishing of aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. The product is intended for manual and machine polishing.

The paste's unique formula is enriched with cleaning agents and waxes. Thanks to this combination of carefully selected ingredients.

AMGLOS paste


The surface should be degreased before polishing, but it doesn't have to be perfectly clean. Amglos removes rust, scale, dust from brake pads, and thanks to its content of delicate solvents, adhesives, glue residues after repair of tarpaulins or stickers, etc.


Any aluminum surface, even acid etched, can be restored or mirrored. The mirror-effect polishing process is possible on an aluminum surface - even the acid-etched surface, but without pitting. Don't worry, if your rims, tanks, frames or covers are pitted - you can too - just a little more work awaits you. Before polishing it is necessary to sand the surface with sandpaper.

Protects and polishes

The wax in the composition of the paste makes the polished surface shiny and protects it from oxidation. Wax is also the basic protection against weather conditions and other pollutants.


- Aluminium
- Stainless steel
- Non-ferrous metals
For example rims, tanks, exhausts, silencers, handrails, steps, pipes, ...
  • Professional product
  • Little use for EXTREME SHINE
  • Deep sharp mirror effect
  • Highly effective and easy to use
  • Without micro scratches
  • WAX protect
  • In stock so fast shipping!
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